Property Management

The properties that get talked about are the ones worth talking about. At Landmark Property Services, Inc., we believe that we can make every property something to talk about. Smart management strategies use both human resources and technological resources to increase efficiency and accuracy without sacrificing the personal component of property management. Managing properties intelligently means relying on a strong foundation of experiential knowledge while using this experience to inform future innovations. Intelligent management companies devote the necessary time in the field to fully understand the markets in which they operate, the properties which they manage and the staff resources that interact with their residents and prospects on a daily basis.

When we develop a comprehensive management plan, we strategize at every level, from lead to lease, from resident to referral and from our owners' goals to actualization. We build accountability into every process and procedure from the very beginning as a means to reward our staff for achieving our property benchmarks and train our staff to achieve the company goals.

Landmark Property Services, Inc. is committed to building a customized management strategy for your property. We use a combination of technologies, training tools and revenue management software to ensure that your property has pricing power within the market.

For more information regarding our services, please contact M. Pinson Neal, lll at or 804-673-1979. A full list of our services is below:

List of Property Management Services (Click below for more details)

  • Landmark will manage all properties in accordance with the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act (VRLTA), HUD, VHDA and LIHTC as appropriate.
  • Landmark utilizes the National Apartment Association Leasing Suite in addition to any required HUD documents to draft and manage all leases and addenda. Landmark will manage all leasing procedures including but not limited to marketing activities, tours, applicant qualification and lease execution. In addition, Landmark will manage lease enforcement.
  • Landmark will institute resident retention practices to decrease the number of apartments vacating. Resident retention will include but is not limited to ample notification of lease end date, competitive renewal pricing, follow-up reminders for renewing residents and improved customer service. When residents do not renew, Landmark will manage unit turnover and re-occupancy.
  • Landmark will provide payment options for residents on-site, via direct deposit, online or through rent payment coupons. We will accept, record and deposit payments for rent and other fees in a separate property bank account. We utilize check and money order scanning that can be deposited directly to the property bank account. Landmark will oversee the collection of all delinquent accounts.Landmark will review invoices for payment and make disbursements as provided for in the property budget and/or as approved by the property owner.
  • Landmark will oversee all utilities and services for each property including but not limited to water, sewer, trash removal, electricity, gas and fuel oil as necessary. Landmark can use energy management services at the owner's request.
  • Landmark will take full responsibility for hiring, supervising, training and terminating staff. All staff will be considered employees of Landmark. Landmark will administer the provisions of general maintenance contracts such as grounds, building and equipment agreements.
  • Landmark will recommend for hire and discharge independent contractors to perform related and necessary maintenance and/ or administrative functions approved by the property owner.
  • Landmark assumes financial management responsibility, and will prepare an annual operating budget, oversee implementation of that budget, conduct market rental analyses, and perform all other financial duties as required.
  • Landmark will maintain occupancy rates at competitive levels, provide timely response to resident service requests, oversee a preventative maintenance program, maintain a work order history log and provide general safety and security for the property as well as all site staff.
  • Landmark will establish marketing plans and procedures in order to maintain occupancy.
  • Landmark will assume responsibility for all other reasonable items generally associated with the duties of a property management agent.
  • Landmark will manage all records, establishing and managing a set of books, recording receipts and disbursements.
  • Landmark will prepare move-in and move-out reports.
  • Landmark will produce itemized delinquency reports showing the age of all delinquent accounts and the actions taken to collect.
  • Landmark will produce monthly financial statements which will consist of a balance sheet and an income and expense report including an actual versus budget analysis and a statement of receipts and disbursements during the previous month. Landmark will report cash flow, expense controls and monthly reserves.
  • Landmark will prepare all other reports as required by the property owner.
  • Landmark Property Services, Inc. views service requests as an opportunity to remind residents that they are entitled to excellent service, demonstrate a caring attitude, observe the interior condition of our apartments and correct defects before any damage occurs.
  • A work order is filled out whenever a resident requests service requiring maintenance in their apartment. Work orders are filled out with as much detail as possible to describe the request, the exact location of the problem and other necessary descriptive information. Contact information is required for each work order form so that follow-ups can be completed.
  • Work orders will be entered into Jenark to provide a history of all work orders completed for each unit. Work orders and pending work orders are tracked on the property's weekly reports.
  • Every April and October, each property conducts HVAC filter changes, checks smoke detectors and inspects each apartment for water leaks or any other damages. Work orders are generated from these inspections. Regional Managers oversee this schedule.
  • Residents may call in a service request that may be considered an emergency requiring immediate attention during or after business hours. The consistent handling of these emergencies ensures excellent service and can improve/increase resident retention.
  • As each service request is an opportunity to communicate and satisfy our residents, follow-ups allow Landmark to make residents feel that their request was important. Feedback received also provides community associates an opportunity to improve practices and should be used as a learning tool.
  • Landmark understands the importance of curb appeal for resident satisfaction and leasing. Potential and current customers want to live in a community that is immaculate, inviting and well maintained.
  • Landmark Property Services, Inc. is committed to effectively marketing and leasing practices that maximize income for our property owners. As such, we offer a number of marketing services designed to establish a baseline market rent for each floor plan, consistently monitor market trends and make prudent adjustments to market rates when necessary to maintain competitive advantage, accurately track marketing sources and campaigns and provide the tools necessary to allow on-site staff to lease effectively.
  • We will oversee all advertising contracts, weekly traffic reports and comparative market analyses. Utilizing a single point of contact allows Landmark to take advantage of bulk portfolio pricing for advertising sources, evaluate overarching trends in the market and develop individualized marketing plans that are informed by market-tested strategies.
  • Landmark develops individualized marketing plans for each community. We will oversee the implementation of these marketing plans which include a dedicated online marketing schedule that must be followed by each site.
  • Landmark prepares a weekly traffic report for each property as well as the company portfolio. A copy of the property traffic report is available on a weekly or monthly basis to the property owner.
  • Regular market analyses will be completed in order to ensure competitive advantage within the comparable market.
  • Lease Hawk tracks and records all incoming prospect phone calls. As such, Landmark can effectively track the individual marketing sources that generate each phone call and calculate the cost per lead. In addition, Landmark can track the phone number, prospect name (where applicable) and demographic information for each phone call received to take advantage of all phone traffic, more
  • effectively return missed calls and make better marketing outreach decisions. Landmark can also make better staffing decisions based on phone traffic trending and tailor training to specific telephone techniques.
  • As requested by property owners, Landmark will utilize MaxLeases as a means to manage the lead to lease process and coordinate follow-up efforts at the site level.
  • Landmark will manage the web presence for property, optimizing websites for organic search results and managing all social media.
  • Landmark utilizes a suite of online leasing services including online applications and electronically executed leases. This allows site staff to provide service to prospects outside of the geographic area in which the property is located.
  • Landmark utilizes Rainmaker LRO for revenue management and pricing. Rainmaker LRO is designed to provide each property with the maximum pricing power within its individual market, reduce exposure and track changes within the comparative market.
  • Landmark will manage the entire revenue management process for each property within our portfolio.